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He hurts you by accident.

                       requested by anon! x

Harry- You and Harry were making out in the shower when you pushed against the wall and you hit your head. He didn’t notice and kept kissing you, you pushed away and held your head. “What Y/N? Am I a bad kisser? Are you breaking up with me?” he said, you usually never pulled away. “Harry, I hit my head.” You said, getting out. “Oh my, I am so sorry Y/N! It’ll never happen again! It’s all my fault, I am sooo sorry baby girl.” He said. You gave him a kiss and walked away wrapped in a towel to get ice. 

Liam- Liam was taking his jacket off. “Li, that jacket is too small for you!” You said coming over to help him. “No, I got it.” He said, shoving his elbow back trying to get his arm out, HE ACCIDENTLY ELBOWED YOU. “Ow.” You say and hold your nose. “Oh my godness! I am so soorrrry y/n! I am the worst boyfriend ever, it’ll never happen again! I didn’t mean to I swear!” He said, you saw some red on the floor. “My nose is bleeding, I will forgive you if you bring me a rag?” You say, putting your head up. “Yes! Anything you need Y/N!” 

Zayn- You and Zayn were sitting on the couch and you were mad at him for always being at the club so you two decided to talk about it, when he threw his hands up in defense he accidently hit you in the face. “Y/N, Boo! I am so sorry, I swear I didn’t mean to!” He said, holding you and pulling you onto his lap. His kissed your nose. “It’s fine, baby.” Giving him a kiss close to his mouth teasing him.

Louis- You and Louis always play around by slapping eachother’s bum. Louis always slaps your bum so you slapped back. Today you fell and now you have a bruise on your bum. When Louis walked by he gave you a light tap on your bum. It didn’t really hurt but then he hit you a little harder and you let out a little shit. “What babe? Did I hurt you?” He asked, shocked. “Kinda, I have a bruise on my butt….hehe.” you say. Louis just gives you a kiss and when he gets you ice, you smack his bum! ;) ;) 

Niall- Niall came home drunk tonight and you shook it off. You were going to go to your mom’s because you felt uncomfertable. Before you left Niall was playing around and gave you a shove. You were a little sore so you fell. “Oh my god. I am such a cunt, I am the worst. Sorry!!” He said, all you did was hug him and say, “See ya tomorrow babe!” giggling, you walked away. :) 

request shit. 

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